Stair Baskets

Stair baskets are designed to fit on the side of a staircase. When you climb upstairs you can just store the items in the basket and later you can carry it when you get the opportunity. They have become famous as organizers .These baskets are very handy and useful .These stair baskets have been in the market for long number years. For traditional and casual homes Wicker stair baskets are probably the most common type. Amish baskets are known for their original handmade version.

The person who designed it has signed on it and it is also hand dyed. Even Rattan stair baskets fall into this category and are very unique. Leather baskets go in for contemporary style. Though they are expensive they match well with the latest modern homes. They are not only durable but are also easy to maintain.

Actually many leather stair baskets are lined with a cotton fabric in order guard the leather and products that are put inside. Well these handy organizers are also designed with different compartments so that you can sort the products into different categories by type or by the room they are going to. They are also useful in teaching your children to become organized and systematic.

They can keep your children’s toys well protected. They are decorative as well as practical. You can use them for displaying certain things like vintage garden tools or any old dolls and lace for example. As for as maintenance is considered wiping with a wet cloth now and then will be enough to give a new look. Never soak it and when it requires a good wash make sure you dry them completely.

Natural materials like wicker are liable to become flexible when wet and may turn into new, unwanted shapes if not dried properly. It is better to dry them in shade. Hair dryer will help you on the outset .Just you need to empty your basket and take them outside and blow the dust from the inside to outside using the hair dryer. For each end of your staircase you can have two baskets. Always it is better to have two or more compartments, one taller and one for smaller things when you select a stair basket. In order to make the right choice you have to measure the depths of your staircase step and see for a basket which has same or smaller dimensions.