Plan Out Kitchen Lighting for Best Results

Planning any area of the home to maximize efficiency and bring out its beauty will make it a better place to live. With kitchen track lighting, a well thought out schematic will help you get the most joy out of your kitchen, and make it a more pleasant place to be in.

Kitchen lights play an important role in making this area an efficient space to operate in. A haphazard arrangement of track light strips or recessed floodlights can create glare in the wrong places and leave important areas in shadow. Before installing any lights, consider all the activities taking place in the modern kitchen.

This area is a main hub of the house, used for more than preparation for cooking and doing the dishes. The modern version of this space has an island for relaxing with a drink, doing homework, or eating a casual meal; it can include a separate computer workstation complete with charging docks for laptops, and a private breakfast nook is a popular addition as well. One size fits all lighting is not functional for all of these spaces, so various fixtures have been created to fill the need.

Beginning with track lighting, this form of direct light functions well for cooking and serving tasks, but also for reading and working. Positioning tracks along an island cooking space or counter top bar will provide ample illumination for either; buying adjustable fixtures enables the installer to fine-tune the direction of the glow.

Track Lighting

To balance the atmosphere of the kitchen, save energy, and provide a softer glow when necessary, install indirect fluorescent kitchen lighting. Two ways of creating this ‘hidden’ glow are by mounting them underneath or on top of cabinets; another is to hide them in soffits in the ceiling, or above open ledges. Set these lights on a separate switch in order to use them independently.

Proper placement of modern kitchen lighting fixtures illuminates the areas where you need to see well without spilling over into other areas. Good examples of focused direct lights are pendants lamps. Ideal for an island counter, cooking space, or informal dining nook, the beam is focused down and out, and will not spill over. These lamps can be installed as singles or on tracks, depending on the need.

Finding the right balance between kitchen track lighting and indirect illumination is the key to a space with unique atmosphere that is easy to be in, easy to work in, and a pleasure to look at.